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Fathers 4 Justice ends campaign

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Dolph, 19 Jan 2006.

  1. Dolph

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    Continued in the link.

    Can't really say I blame them. I do support the original ideas behind the group, but it seems, like most pressure groups they get a nutter element who destroys the movement's credibility.

    So, this begs two questions.

    1) Have they achieved more justice for various parts of the family in the courts?

    2) Did they do the right thing disbanded, or should they have followed the enviromental/animal rights movement and ignored the problem while claiming it doesn't exist in their group, or giving it a sub-name?

  2. Emo_hug


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    I think they have done they right think in disbanding. it shows that they are trying to be responsable and not go to extrems which would be seen as a bad thing. Better to leave with as much credibility and be well known that to be forgoten and rembbered as a goup of extremists.

    I do hope that the work they have done up to now has been worth while and i think it has made an impression on people and legal system.
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  3. afraser2k


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    1) They've definately highlighted the issue in the popular press that was largely ignored and one-sided towards the mother. I don't know if they'll achieve anything more than that as the campaign has unfortunately been forced to end.

    2) I think they've done the right thing as well. As you say there will always be "extremist" elements to any political organisation that will give it a bad name and more so in a group that supports direct protest like Fathers 4 Justice has done. Unfortunately the media seems to be more interested in these extreme members rather than the work that the other members have done in the past.
  4. anarchist


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    Yes, anybody would think that the media were only interesting in selling papers... ;)

    I agree with your post though.
  5. bam0


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    I swear I actually saw some of the newsreaders cringing as they were forced to read from the prompter that the police had "foiled a plot to kidnap tony blair's youngest son".
    Seems to have been nothing like a plot, a idea that was bandied about and quickly forgotten. I guess it's the natural progression from Jo Moores assertion that 9/11 was "a good day to bury bad news", although in this case they engineered it.
  6. carpmaster

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    I think the way this has unfolded is disgusting.

    It's now accepted that someone at Scotland Yard leaked this information to the press, and of course this was then splashed all over the papers as headline news.

    The net result for the government was that the highly embarrasing Ruth Kelly affair was sidelined. A little convenient don't you think. The Jo Moore comment by the previous poster was spot on.

    I think in a way it's going to be good for Fathers For Justice. They need to remove those amongst them who have questionable pasts regarding there kids, which might mean their agenda is given the attention it deserves by the press.

    They can then carry on with the essential work they do highlighting the total injustices faced by fathers who are totally shafted by the system and who as yet have no recourse whatsoever.
  7. Chronos-X


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    I'd like to point out that this entire investigation was instigated over a chat over 1 or 2 pints in a pub. How many of us have chatted about how we'd like to do various things, light-heartedly?

    Talk about a smokescreen....