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Fidelity funds (investors here!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nero120, 6 Jun 2006.

  1. nero120


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    Hi guys,

    im looking at opening a fidelity fund as a mini stocks and shares isa, just somewhere to put a regular payment in to try and maximise my earnings. I realise that some risk is associated, but thats why id only pay a meager amount in every month say (£50) rather than put the whole £4000 in one.

    The funds I was looking at are:


    I know someone who uses the latter and he said its been pretty good.


    1.) Do you think I should just stick the whole £4000 in rather than minimising risk by paying in regular small amounts?
    2.) Are there any better funds out there that you would recommend?
    3.) Am I missing anything?

    Any advice would be great! :)