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fifa online (open beta)

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by paradisiac, 6 Jun 2010.

  1. paradisiac


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    hi, i have posted on their official forums but my posts seem to dissapear there for some reason.
    basically, i have had the beta for ages now and am pretty happy with it apart from a few niggley issues :
    1. xbox360 controller only works ingame, not in the menus, is that normal?
    2. on my lowley laptop i can set the settings to max and it runs smooth, on my games machine, i have 2xHD5770 in x-fire and whenever i set it to max and restart the game it wont load it just hangs and then resets it back to default on next startup, is this down to x-fire not being supported?
    3. when playing online i get really bad lag, every other game runs fine and i have a 16meg broadband connection so i know its not down to that, any ideas?

    cheers in advance.