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Finding lost Polish Relatives

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smoove, 7 Oct 2009.

  1. smoove


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    Hi there, my grand father was polish, who moved to the UK shortly after the war and had a family here.

    He died many years ago and we have never been able to find out about his family back in poland. (sisters and brothers)

    We know his mother and father were killed in the war, but we would like to be able to trace any of his remaining relatives, as my gran (his wife), would like to visit Poland before she dies.

    Where the hell would i start? I've got their names, town they lived in, but beyond that, nothing else.
  2. lee32uk


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  3. Sankari


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  4. ron3003

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    One of those 'heir hunter' programs on tv a few weeks back showed how hard it is to trace Polish relatives. There's no central records of births/deaths from years gone by. Records were kept by local monasteries and getting access is very difficult if not impossible.
  5. WalesOwl


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    From my time in working in north wales crematorium you will need a date of death/interment for any chance of a quick find. Unless you know which cemetery they were buried in.
  6. qwerty

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