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Firewall Advice

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by ACPCUP, 1 Feb 2006.



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    I am using Zonealarm which is a great Firewall but every now and then it stops me gaining acces to the net. I got to keep going in and allowing access. I have checked the box for allow without asking but can anyone say if i really need Zonealarm / Firewall or if there is a better (free) one available.

  2. fluiduk

    Wise Guy

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    I hate Zone Alarm. Are you running xp, apparently the windows built in one is fine?
  3. Enzo


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    But if you still want one I use Kerio, looks ok does the job and more importantly is free [google]
  4. Abooie


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    I too was using Zone Alarm for quite a while but soon began to hate it. Whilst looking for an alternative relied on Windows XP and never ended up replacing it.

    Pros, it just works. No memory (or negligable) signature.
    Cons, no outbound firewall so if you already have anything thats sending out info etc. you won't pick it up. Imo, this isn't at all a problem for a personal PC with a user that uses his brain on what executables s/he runs.

    I'd give Windows XP a go for a week then decide if you really need anything else.


    Joined: 12 Sep 2005

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    Thanks for the advice mate. Will give it a try.
  6. ic1male


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    I use Agnitum Outpost Pro. Does bug you a little bit now and again but I like to know what's going on. It also has antispyware built in now.