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first picture post comments much appreciated

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by binaryknight, 13 May 2006.

  1. binaryknight

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    firstly my nephew taken outside on a decent day
    original just resized imported via ps using as shot setting and setting all auto settings such as exp to 0

    same picture but edited,toyed with import settings, cropped,border added, swing cloned out, background blurred more (not sure if i like this or not done to remove distraction but where the sky meets the horizon looks messy) and finally auto levels / contrast


    random walk about, original from camera but resized, as shot, all other auto settings at 0

    same picture but given the hdr treatment:


    and finally my current wallpaper picture as previous but cropped and colours tweaked a touch in ps


    any comments welcome, i realise that there is a nasty flare in that last pic any ideas on how to remove / prevent welcome, also aware of the fringing around the trees should have removed this at import stage

    thanks for looking
  2. Zheka

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    N2 is very good, well done :)