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Flight Simulator X - Add Ons

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by PyroboyUK, 21 Feb 2010.

  1. PyroboyUK

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    After owning FSX for a long period of time I have actually got to grips with the game and started to take a lot more enjoyment in playing it.

    My knowledge of this game and communities is extremely limited but what i would like to ask the FSX players in the OcUK forum is where i could find add ons to enhance the game in different ways. Items such as Aircraft would be a bonus!

    Could anyone point me in the direction of the best site for FSX add ons?
  2. Marky


    Joined: 16 Apr 2007

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    FlyAwaySimulation.com is quite good for different liveries etc. :) Unfortunatly, for the quality add-ons you'll find you will need to be prepared to spend some moola :(
  3. PyroboyUK

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    Thanks for the link. I don't mind spending the cash to get quality downloads for the game. I remember seeing an add on called VFR scenery in the shops, so i wouldn't mind spending the cash if it worth it.
  4. Clum


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    www.avsim.com, http://www.flightsimworld.com/ and www.flightsim.com are the biggest communites around with avsim being the biggest library of downloads.

    If you want to spend cash on enhancements for the game I'd suggest PMDG, Level-D simulations, Captain Sim and Carenado for aircraft, UK2000 for UK sceneries and Real Environment Xtreme for, not surprisingly, an environment enhancement package. Aerosoft are also a massive distributor and offer loads and loads of addons of every type.

    There's hundreds of companies and products for FSX but the ones I listed are amongst the best and will do you well as a beginner.


    If you let me know what sort of flying you're interested in I can recommend some more specific things for you to get.
  5. PyroboyUK

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    Joined: 19 Apr 2006

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    Thank you Clum, all those link are much appreciated. I will start looking through those sites. I will make sure to get back to you once I start building up my experience in the game and find exactly what I need.
  6. Hodge


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    For me there is only one plane for FSX. Its the Leonado MD80. Its not a ctrl+e to start the engines :) Very detailed not quite a beginer plane but worth alook.
  7. beefkeef


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  8. siege2

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