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Floristry As a Business

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pug, 14 Aug 2006.

  1. Pug


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    Anyone got experience, family knowledge or suggestions of sources of info/published results of a florists store?

    The missus is thinking about training up to do a C&G course in it with a view to start her own business - wanted to offer her some info/advice if possible, but dont really have any myself. THings like whats the markup on these things and is she likely to pay herself a salary after paying out on overheads etc...

    I'm a scientist by trade, so lack the business grounding neccessary to usupport her really. Places to start looking into it wouldnt be refused either!

  2. VeNT


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    first thing to think about is running your own business isn't a 9-5 thing, you'll be doing it all day, everyday.
  3. kitten_caboodle


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    not wanting to put you off, i know a trained florist who has just gone to work in a call centre because companies like next, M&S etc expanding into internet flower orders have really hit her business hard.

    Won't happen to everyone, but it's a difficult business - unless you get a good spot next to a cemetery or something :D She'd do well to get in with local undertakers because they can refer people onto her and get her a steady stream of business.
  4. PsiFox


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    You also need to be up very early to get the wholesaler delivered flowers in or go to the flower market to purchase.

    This often means before dawn.
  5. Matt


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    How about just doing it as a part time business without a shop front? My mum does wedding flowers with a friend as a small business. During the summer months they do 2 or 3 weddings a weekend and it earns a bit of money, but is more of a hobby than a hugely serious business.
  6. Rosbif

    Wise Guy

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    my first thought is to have her go work with a florist if she is really dead serious about it... this'll get her a taste of what it is like...

    or you can have a look through business classifieds such as daltons weekly... they do list florists for sale.. from here perhaps you can arrange to chat with the sellers... i dont think theres any better way to find out than to actually talk to someone who is in the business themselves and to get hands on experience...

    what im saying is quite 'obvious' to any sensible person.. and im sure youve had these thoughts too.. but we men have a habit to overcomplicate things :p
  7. LoadsaMoney


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    Why does she buy them all before you get there like. :D

    *Sorry. :(

    EDIT: you may find this usefull. :)
  8. shifty_uk


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    Location: Glasgow

    I totally agree.
    I suppose it could depend on how much you wish to earn. If it's just a small time business then yes there could be a potential market for it, depending on the location.
    If this is what your other half wants to do, then there's no reason why she can't. I'm sure there are some organisations that specialise in business starups. I know Business Gateway is one, and is free.
    I would also recommend(as said) that she gets some experience working in a florists first, she may not like it.

    Goodluck :)
  9. Pug


    Joined: 20 Oct 2002

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    many thanks all, some new suggestions, and a lot of what i have already suggested to her.

    I agree with the liasing with funeral directors, and wedding dress shops or similar, and i also suggested she work saturdays alongside her current job to get a taste for it.

    Shes been trwling Daltons regularly for established businesses to buy - hadnt considered speaking to these people to see why they're moving on/selling up or toget insights into it, but had suggested she expend shoe leather talking to, and polling local florists on how their business works.

    Even suggested she started out doing work from a van at prime spots, as a start just selling flowers and doing bouquets to order, and if it works well/she likes it THEN move onto a £10k business investment. She could aso have an internet arm behind this "van on the street" layer...

    Thanks all, and by all means add anymore tidbits!