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For all your bathroom/deocorators/plumbers . . . . .

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MehulLakhani, 3 May 2006.

  1. MehulLakhani

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    Hi Guys

    Sorry to be a pain, but am looking for some help here, as am really lost

    I have a small flat which I would like to rent out. Its a very, very basic flat, and the rental income wont be that much. However, the bathroom is in a pretty bad state, as nothing has been done to it for years, and years.

    I have been ringing around trying to get quotes for a new bathroom, and have got wildly varying prices. This is what I want :

    Remove old bath/sink/toilet
    Remove old tiles on wall

    Install new bath/sink/toilet
    New tiles on walls.
    New shower unit plumbed in
    Line put down

    I dont want anything too fancy at all, just the bare basics, so that it is okay to rent out.

    I have had quotes from £3000, down to £1700, inclusive of all parts and labour.

    What would you say is a reasonable price, bear in mind the flat is located in SE-london/border of kent.

    Anyone got any recommendations for any good bathroom fitters ?


  2. SpKM3


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    Sounds expensive to me.

    I recently had my bathroom updated new tiles/suit/labour/towel rad - just under £2k, its a small bathroom but done to a reasonably high spec. The tiles alone cost over £500 from floor to ceiling excluding labour.

    I would think if you want something just to rent out then £1k should be more than enough - try doing some of the work yourself like removing tiles etc.
  3. FeFiDoh


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    I use to do bathrooms all the time with me old man price wise i aint to sure, but tbh there isnt really any hardwork involved in that at all!

    The one thing i can comment on is the tiling, its normally around £20sq/m for walls and £25sq/m for floors. Thats what i charger any way and nearly every other tiler i know ;)
  4. Von Luck

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    Last edited: 11 May 2006
  5. [email protected]


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    You could do the floor/wall tiles yourself as they are extremely easy.

    Everything else is best left to a professional.