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Forcing a bordered resolution? 2405fpw

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by matt100, 20 Jun 2006.

  1. matt100


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    Location: Surrey

    I want to force my 2405 to display 1600x1200 with a border (posted this in gfx section so apologies but its doing my head in!), I've selected "use centered timings" in the control panel and it still stretches over the whole screen.

    Reason I'm posting in here is there's the option on the monitor menu for image settings and they're all greyed out? Is this because I'm using DVI? Can I get to these options?

    Anyone know how to force a res on this? It was so easy with my 7800gtx! (got an x1900xt now)..

  2. Ste


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    I have also noticed that the resize options can be occasionally greyed out sometimes and work others, its wierd. Makes me wonder if the overlay or whatever is rescaling the low res to 19x12 and outputting that to the monitor :confused: