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Freeview and Freesat in Win7 Media center

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Luke284, 15 Dec 2011.

  1. Luke284

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    I've got a HTPC running Windows 7 and I use the built in Media center for TV etc. I've got a Dual freeview card installed for watching and recording TV.

    I was thinking about getting a Sat tuner card and using that to get the HD channels that are on freesat.

    Will media center allow me to have two freeview tuners (on a single card) and a freesat tuner as well?

    Ideally I'd want a dual sat tuner and not use the dual freeview tuner but my flat only has a single sat feed to my living room.
  2. probedb

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    I'm pretty sure it will. I was originally looking at getting a BlackGold BG3600 which is twin Freeview HD and twin Freesat but decided to stick to a 3620 which is just twin FreeviewHD.

    Freesat is better because they use AC3, Freeview decided on AAC for HD which pretty much no receiver will support :(
  3. DragonQ


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    Freesat is also better simply because of the superior bit rates. I had to watch some ITV4 footy last night on Freeview because my DVB-S2 tuner was being used to record something else. It was painful, blocks everywhere. For the second half I watched on satellite and it was much nicer.

    Windows Media Center should work fine with 2x DVB-T(2) and 1x DVB-S(2) tuners, although it has a weird bug that if one tuner is DVB-T and another is DVB-T2, it won't find DVB-T2 channels (i.e. the HD ones). There is a fix for this though, I think it's posted on BlackGold's website.

    Have you tried the open source MediaPortal by the way? It has a good number of advantages over Windows Media Center, including being able to record as many streams as you want with a single tuner if they're all on the same multiplex. As a test, I recorded 13 channels simultaneously last night using my BGT-3630 and all worked perfectly. :D
  4. lurkio


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    I have both freeview and freesat on my HTPC , I use Nova-S2 freesat and Nova-TD500
    for freeview

    Media portal is pretty good
  5. Jay794


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    I get freeview through WMC without a tuner, loads of website allow you to stream live tv for free