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Fresh concerns over Vista release

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by dafloppyone, 27 Jul 2006.

  1. dafloppyone

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    Fresh concerns over Vista release

    [​IMG] Vista has already been delayed

    Microsoft was the big faller on Wall Street on Thursday after it did little to dampen fears of more delays to its new Windows Vista operating system.
    Its shares closed down 2% after a Microsoft executive seemed to avoid confirming the current January 2007 Vista release data for consumers.

    Instead, Microsoft's Kevin Johnson said Vista would be shipped "when it is available".

    He was speaking at the firm's annual financial analyst meeting.


    Microsoft originally intended to release Vista - the first major update since Windows XP was introduced five years ago - in the second half of 2006

    Yet in March of this year it postponed the release until 2007, and last month Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates predicted there was only an "80% chance" it would be shipped on time.

    Mr Johnson, Microsoft's co-president of Microsoft's platforms and services unit, said "we are going to ship the product when it is ready and we are just going to take it milestone by milestone".

    Goldman Sachs analyst Rick Sherlund said Mr Johnson appeared to be hesitating over the release date.

    Vista will be available for corporate customers in November.

    Mr Johnson also told the analyst meeting that Microsoft was on target to achieve revenues of between $14.3bn (£7.7bn) and $14.5bn (£7.8bn) in its current fiscal year.


    thing is I want vista for my new pc ;-) however from the sounds of things its going to turn into a rushed mess for early adopters
  2. zetec452


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    Would you rather have a rushed OS or one that works?

    Another example of the media crap that try and bring MS down.
  3. stoofa


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    I still don't get where people are getting this "delayed" from.
    Sure there were people within Microsoft touting an end of year release.
    I'm also sure that you'll find people from the company who were (and maybe who still are) touting a January 2007 release.
    However there still hasn't been an official release date set and nobody high up in Microsoft will say anything other than "When it's ready".
    They could release it middle of 2007 if they like - I mean I've been finding the various beta builds nice and stable but if MS decide to wait until June next year to make sure it really is ready then they should.
  4. dafloppyone

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    yah im hoping its later and fixed other than early and bugged.
  5. AJUK

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    Deservedly so as well. Here is an article from PCW Magazine slating M$ something rotten.


    Oh dear. :D
  6. bledd


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    in the meantime, just use xp home (you don't need pro unless you have a domain tbh)

    they've said that they're happy to delay it for as long as they need to, this way it won't be released in a buggy state, wouldn't you prefer to wait a little longer to know what you're getting is better quality?

    there aren't many major benefits of running vista, the only one they'll be pluggin is Direct x 10 support, its basically going to be a solid version of xpsp2, with some extra features (yes some of them are good), and a much better MCE interface (this i am looking forward to)
  7. 5tephen

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    I am not that worried about the Vista release mainly because I am so happy with XP. And if the world didn't have XP, 2000 is more than capable too in my opinion. I know that if I had Vista I wouldn't go back to XP, but for now I don't know what I'm missing. I have a beta of Vista sitting ready to be installed but I just never get round to it - XP is grand :)
    I am indeed looking forward to getting Vista and will get it upon release, but up until then I'm not put off by delays.
  8. vintage-x

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    im looking forward to vista but i am willing to wait until all of the bugs are ironed out if that means I have to wait another year thats fine with me