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Friend and I both have very similar build and both getting micro stuttering in all games.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Robert41, 14 Jan 2019.

  1. Robert41


    Joined: 14 Jan 2019

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    Hey, so as the title reads a friend and I both build new gaming PCs and choose pretty much the same parts bar the SSD, HDD and the Power supply. We both get micro stuttering in our games, the other friends do not.

    by the way just to clarify it isn't screen tearing it is like a stutter that lasts about 0.5 seconds every so often and is pretty annoying and isnt great when playing competitive games.

    Here are my specs:
    GTX 1080 FTW
    ryzen 7 2700x
    aorus motherboard x470
    2x8 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3200 MHz
    Corsair TX-M Series 650 Watt 80 PSU
    Samsung 256 GB 860 Pro
    3GB 7200rpm Samsung HDD

    I have two 60hrz monitors connected both to the GPU. as does he. tried using different hdmi cables but that didn't fix it.

    Things I've tried:
    -Setting different power modes in windows
    -swapping hdmi cables
    -tried booting with just the SSD connected
    -tried only using one monitor
    -reinstalling GPU drivers
    -Rolling back GPU drivers
    -Turn game mode off
    -Turned Game DVR off
    -Turned many overlays off
    -played games on both drives
    -reinstalled windows
  2. Rroff

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    Joined: 13 Oct 2006

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    Grab a DPC latency tool and check whether anything is causing the interrupts.
  3. ilc72


    Joined: 19 Mar 2014

    Posts: 469

    Have you tried a Display Port cable if your monitor supports it?
  4. Danny75


    Joined: 26 Aug 2013

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    It sounds like a Windows process periodically starting up, holding up the CPU slightly, writing to disk, that sort of thing. What Rroff suggests could help you identify it. Sometimes having Task Manager > Resource Monitor open and on the Disk tab, can also help you spot the culprit if you quickly view the largest writing to disk whenever the stutter occurs.

    You could also try disabling Superfetch (now called SysMain in later Windows 10 versions) in Services. And Prefetch in the registry. This solved a similar issue for me in GTA.

    Also try making C: Windows > System32 > SleepStudy > UserNotPresentSession.etl a read only file. This can write tons of GBs and hold up the CPU while playing certain games on certain systems and is now something I also always do whenever there's a big Windows feature update.
  5. Vexr

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    Could be a core parking issue? This program would address that: https://bitsum.com/parkcontrol/

    Setting CPU and the general system power plan to maximum performance would be a troubleshooting step I'd take.