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Friends Computer problem...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by conuk, 26 Mar 2006.

  1. conuk

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    OK couple of weeks a go I put a new hard drive - extra memory and sound card into a friends computer.

    His last drive `went up in smoke` and he turned it off...... hmmmm risked putting one of my drives in there and all was fine - so I said new drive... and the other bits he wanted added....

    All fine for 2 weeks... then blue screen of death when he started windows... he mentioned popups etc ....

    hmmm got it off him.... wouldnt start in safe mode.... next thing - format drive install again... same problem .. blue screen or freeze - few seconds after the xp (pro) loading screen - bar moves then freezes....

    heres what ive tried so far :

    took the extra memory out - tried his original and the new one - same either way in.

    ran DFT on the drive - full test - no errors... its a maxtor.

    tried to install windows 2000 - goes to a strange screen with blue lines on loading and freezes... strange.

    Not sure what to try next - was thinking of putting a drive of my own in there... but dont really want that killing...

    any suggestions ?

    His motherboard ? or power supply...

    the machine is an Emachines 960 - google dont find any such machine.

    as always thanks in advance... oh all Bios - fans - health etc seem otherwise ok.

    also - could it be some kind of virus ?? any DOS software that will check the hardware - like I said the drive seemed ok..
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  2. Paul11


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    run some memory tests first..

    if you have formated the drive, i wouldnt have thought that it was a virus.
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  3. conuk

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    I took out the memory I bought (crucial - matched to his machine from website...) - used his... same problem... put in crucial - quick formatted - installed win2k then - same problem...

    which Dos software will check memory ?

    is there one to check motherboard as well ?

    Thanks for your reply.

    - added : running Drive Fitness Test on the drive - full test -- would this definately eliminate the new drive (well 2 weeks old..)
    Last edited: 27 Mar 2006
  4. Monstermunch

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    buy something other than a maxtor, they're currently the most unreliable on the market


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    i remeber when i bought a maxtor and soon as i finished installing xp and it would boot to a blue screen or it would freeze on the xp loading screen.bought a diffrent drive and no problems since
  6. conuk

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    Joined: 5 Jan 2005

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    Location: Engerland :)

    well hes going to pick it up later... think dad wants to buy new Pc anyways... but i dont like not knowing what was wrong ....

    seems strange that it passes `fitness` test - and always stopped at same point... even after trying my old Windows 2k....
  7. BoomAM


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    No they're not.