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Front panel wiring to motherboard?? (ECS Nforce4 A939 )

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Scania, 23 Jan 2006.

  1. Scania


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    I have a friend in a bit of a fix,
    Having recently acquired a complete new computer, he has a question.

    On the front panel there are two USB ports a minijack thing for headphones and another for a mic. There is also a firewire port. Now the USB's had plugs on the other end, so they were simple enough to install. The audio jacks were also fairly simple as the motherboard manual made it fairly clear as to what went where.

    The Firewire on the other hand makes no sense to him.
    There are 7 wires, black, white, green, red, orange, blue and another duller grey/black.

    Now the wires are labled as thus:
    VP(+12v)= white with a jumpwire.
    VG(GND1)= black with a jumpwire VG(GND2)
    TPB- = red
    TPB+ = green
    TPA- = Orange
    TPA+ = blue
    And SHIELD.

    Now I (and, he) would greatly appreciate if someone could tell us how to correctly connect the above wires to the header that is laid out thus,

    " .:::: "

    We've tried the ECS website & support sections to no avail, I was hoping somebody knows what were on about and can point us in the right direction.

    Thanks. :)
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  2. vanandjuanunited


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    I dont see any mention of firewire capability on this board???
    Whats the marking on the header??
  3. Scania


    Joined: 25 Nov 2004

    Posts: 24,345

    Location: On the road....

    A reply from my friend....

    Thanks for the help! :)
  4. hogfather


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    Plugging a firewire into a usb header is baaaaad mmkay? :)

    I think it can be quite damaging.