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FTP problems

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by Nefarious, 2 Jun 2006.

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  1. Nefarious

    Wise Guy

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    Posted this elsewhere with no luck, can anyone here help?

    A collegue is having difficulties with transferring files by FTP, I suggested using something other than Windows FTP software as it's usually read me

    Problems persisted so I said to open FTP from a command prompt. It connected to the site and requested user name - entered (no problems)
    requested password - entered (terminated by remote host so never actually connects via command line)
    So, as far as I can tell it's not a software problem

    I'm under the impression that this is caused by firewalling on his connection, is this so (I checked that windows firewall et al were off)? If not any ideas of what to do?

    If it is the internet connection (he's in a hotel in Dubai) is there anything I can do other than ring the hotel (would some sort of web based port redirection service work?)?

    Lots of question marks here so any help would be gratefully received

    FULLY star out swear words please
  2. uk_viper


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    ok heres some helpers,

    FTP is on port 21 make sure thats not blocked by the firewall,

    the server he/she is connecting to may have a timeout of max set connections and may boot them when the limit has been reached, command ftp shouldnt have any problems
  3. shifty_uk


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    Are you sure your in the right forum? Is it windows he's running or os x or linux or something?

    If its window's then try perhaps using internet explorer to access the ftp? I would say, try and use the cmd prompt but you seem to have tried that?

    Simply open up internet explorer and type ftp.yourDomainName.com, you'll get prompted for a username & pass, and if you've got a decent firewall, it will tell you that it wants to connect.

    It may well be a firewall problem.

    If its os x your running, I'm having some probs with the ftp aswell, if you look a couple of threads down from this one, you'll find it :)
  4. Burbleflop


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    Hotel internet connections can be very iffy - I've had no end of problems when stuck in a hotel.

    Can other people (who are not in that hotel) connect to the FTP server he is trying to use?

    BTW, swearies are meant to be fully starred out.

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  5. Berserker

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    No crossposting please. This isn't the right place for this thread anyway.
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