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Fuel Efficient trip around the world.

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Berger, 17 Jan 2006.

  1. Berger


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    This has made the bbc news page, but it doesnt sound to me like the car is fuel efficient at all, quick calculation shows they need to achieve 360 miles to a tank of fuel or better to complete the trip around the world in their allowed fuel allocation.
    Now if the fuel tank is say 60l, thats 6 miles per litre or 27.3mpg which is quite frankly appauling for a "fuel economy driving achievement". I would be expecting 60+mpg the majority of the time easily for an achievement, didnt VW make a lupo which could perform 93mpg?
  2. toy_soldier


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    if your calculations are correct, then that is indeed nothing special. Dont know about the lupo although for it to be that economical it must be very slow right?
  3. Bug One


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    On a lupo its more likely 40l. Unless they've just removed the rear seats and put in a 100l tank.

    Plus, are you assuming that they can drive straight around the world?

    /edit, oops it says how far they are going. 18k
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  4. Confused


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    According to VW;s website, for a 1.6 Golf FSI 115ps 5dr:

    Fuel Consumption
    Urban 31.7mpg - 8.9l/100km
    Extra-urban 50.4mpg - 5.6l/100km
    Combined 41.5mpg - 6.8l/100km
  5. iCraig


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    Citroen AX 1.5D has a phenominal mile to the gallon IIRC.

    Tank is probably only filled up when it is built and then thats it for the rest of its life. :o

    Downside is that it has as much oomph as a bag of sick on a tumbledryer.