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Games rehab clinic opened

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by kdd, 9 Jun 2006.

  1. kdd


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    worth posting for this gem however

    "wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of this aid to addiction. I've become increasingly aware of the so called 'hoodie' problem on our fair streets in the past few years, and can not help but attribute it to these videogames that youths are playing now. Since my grandson began playing 'Grand Theft Turismo', his mother has mentioned to me several times that his school work is suffering because of the late nights he spends playing these games with his friends on the line. I applaud their efforts to stop this corruption of this nations greatest asset, our children."

    Who said Daily Mail readers are clueless morons
  2. kidkhaos

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    :D lol he plays 'Grand Theft Turismo' with his friends online
  3. Inquisitor


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    This is almost as bad as Thompson...
  4. Psyk


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    I think in very extreme cases games can be addictive. But 99.9% of the population will never have to worry about getting addicted. In the end everything can be addictive if you take it too far.
  5. me227


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    He doesn't play it online, he plays it on the line. :p
  6. little_wilko


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    playing video games whilst playing on the railway track, back in my day it was go play football on the motorway. oh how times have changed.
  7. AtreuS


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    Im 31 and always thought myself a pretty rounded and mature individual. Untill i started playing WoW however.

    I think im addicted in that id rather sit and play WoW than do just about anything else i would have done 6 months ago. I come in from work and play WoW till i goto bed unless the missus drags me out... ive stopped going out with the lads alot and i even dream about raiding!! HELP ME!!

    and no im not being sarcastic.... if an adult can get addicted to games i shudder to think what can happen to kids allowed to play till 1 or 2 in the morning at age 10. ( and im quite sure it happens ). Im not against kids playing video games but not to the detrement of school work and physical excercise. Seems to me that some parents use games as way to keep the kids out of mischief and away from the tv! ( which they are vegging out in front of ).

    However a dedicated center for game addiction>? hmmm bit OTT i think.
  8. Tom|Nbk


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    it does seem a bit over the top
  9. Scott Salisbury

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    I think the key word here is "grandson".

    It's exactly what my grandparents would say. My grandma's sister once said "Well, if these chat rooms are causing so much trouble why don't they send the police to visit them and kick them out?"

    She actually thought a "chat room" was a physical room where people came and chat. I know we have lan centres and internet cafes, but that's not what she meant, lol.

    Don't worry mate. I've spent all my life being addicted to some game at some point from the very first day I got a PC. I play WoW and have done solidly since it was released. But you know what? I woke up this morning and I didn't want to play it. I looked outside at the weather and thought bugger this, lets ring some mates and get some cans in. We sat outside until I got completely sun burned and loved every minute.

    When something really good is released, it becomes a novalty to play or use. Some things wear off quickly (play it once and part exchange) but some things don't (wow for example). But the novalty still wears off, one day you'll wake up and not think about it.

    The novalty of owning a PC has not wore off for me though, and its been 10 years :) But it hasn't taken over my life, if anything its improved it.
    Last edited: 9 Jun 2006
  10. Psyk


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    I guess game addiction has never been a problem for me personally because multiplayer games don't interest me that much. You can't get addicted to something that just ends.