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Gaming & Streaming. PC Budget around £2k - 2.5k

Discussion in 'New to PC gaming & upgrade advice' started by OldBoyUK, 25 Nov 2018.

  1. OldBoyUK


    Joined: 25 Nov 2018

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    Hi everyone

    So, for far too many years I've had pretty rubbish computers, mostly with onboard graphics and only being able to play games that are years old and/or on the lowest of the lowest settings. Which I was ok with, but with the multitude of games out and coming out, I want to enjoy them! That and my current PC is now firmly on it's way out!

    I am taking the plunge into getting a new high(ish) end computer that I want to use for gaming (a broad spectrum of games) and for streaming/recording my gaming. I've been reading the great advice you guys are giving on this forum, but I'll be honest that I am at a loss on where to start.

    I am looking at a system that will see me good for at least 3+ years and have some decent future proofing (as best as can be with PC tech I guess) when I need to upgrade the components inside around that time or longer if the build holds.

    I won't be building this, I'll be using the OC custom build option.

    I don't need a mouse or keyboard, I have a Phillips 227ESL monitor which I know I'll need to lose for a game worthy screen, and that's all I have right now.

    I have no real preferences other than it being an Intel CPU, with either a 1080ti or the 2080 series graphics card and from what I am reading the RAM to be at least 16Gb 3200mhz. I'd like it to be as quiet as possible with good airflow (I live in a pretty dusty environment) and not overly worried/bothered about external aesthetics. I am indifferent when it comes to the RGB stuff.

    With the budget, the total can be inclusive with the monitor or without as I don't mind holding on to the one I have until sometime early in the new year to grab one in a sale. So 2-2.5k with monitor or 2-2.5k without monitor. I'll be planning to purchase sometime during the coming week.

    Help me OC Kenobi, you're my only hope!

    Seriously though, thank you in advance for any support, advice and guidance! And if you need more information, I'll be refreshing constantly to answer any questions!
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