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GeForce or ATI Radeon?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Monstermunch, 7 Feb 2006.

  1. Monstermunch

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    Right looking for a new card :D

    Which is better though the 7800GT or the X1800XL. Bothe seem to be around the same price and speed although the GeForce cards have 20 pipes instead of the 16 on the ATI. All of FPS tests on games indicate that the GeForce is faster except with BF2.

    Am I missing anything or is the 7800GT the better option?
  2. semi-pro waster

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    I'd personally go with the 7800gt as it does seem like the better option, there won't be much in it though, in fact for the past year or so it has been almost impossible to lose when picking a new graphics card as both manufacturers perform very well in near enough everything.

    If you'd asked yesterday though I'd have said try to find an extra £40 or so and get the X1800XT but as of today it went up in price significantly unfortunately.
  3. Toryglen-boy


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    i am not touching this thread with a bargepole ....
  4. badbob


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    From the benchmarks I've seen the ATI is slightly ahead, but not when it's a opengl game.
  5. Gibbo


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    Hi there

    The X1800XL is the better buy. 7800 GT performance, but superior visuals and AVIVO are all added bonuses. :)

    Also the X1800 XL are superb overclockers and were talking big performance increases by overclocking making them quite a bit quicker than even overclocked 7800 GT's. :)