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General.. Annoyance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by meggy-vengeance, 21 Jul 2006.

  1. meggy-vengeance


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    Right. This should belong in monitors but it's a gripe about customer service.

    My 17" TFT monitor from Benq became populated with 24 thunderbugs. Yey.
    So I got Fatmas to phone Benq up and get an RMA request.. All fine.. They wanted me to give back on delivery JUST the monitor and i had to keep the stand and cables for the new one.
    However they said they are sending me an upgraded monitor, a better model etc...
    When it arrived today I got the stand off the old monitor, and brought the new one inside.. However The OLD stand does not fit on the new monitor (duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh) I do not understand why Benq could not just send out a new sealed boxed monitor with the stand etc.. So I rang fatmas and he has phoned them back moaning and the like. They are going to send out a new stand for the new monitor.. HOWEVER.. just plugged this new one in.. (It's being propped up against the wall) ROFL.... Green dead pixel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! near the top right of the screen. ggggrr Fatmas phoned benq for a third time and they said their policy is 2 or more dead pixels. Brilliant. so now I have to wait for the correct stand..

    The point is.. They dealt with the original RMA request very quickly (2 days) however, it was rushed and they didn't send the correct stand or think of that when upgrading my monitor. grrr ffs.

    /Rant over.