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Gigabyte 5870 super overclock edition

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by straxusii, 12 May 2010.

  1. straxusii


    Joined: 18 May 2003

    Posts: 4,886

  2. cainer

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 9 Jan 2010

    Posts: 13,291

    i noticed on the total performance rating they use 10.3a for all ati cards except the gygabite OC 5870... they use 10.4a for it, is there a performance boost between 10.3a and 10.4a?? if so they better go re-do it :p
    Last edited: 12 May 2010
  3. RavenXXX2


    Joined: 6 Oct 2007

    Posts: 18,598

    Location: North West

    Their benchmarking sux, I think everyone of them titles bar one is a TWIMTBP game, how about Dirt 2, BC2, AvP, you know, some DX11 games...:rolleyes:
  4. mame


    Joined: 16 Jul 2007

    Posts: 7,689

    Location: Stoke on Trent

    Similar to this one but I think the memory is a touch slower
  5. GeXeH


    Joined: 20 Apr 2010

    Posts: 62

    Location: Newcastle, UK

    Does anyone know if this will come to OCUK?

    I'm really interested in purchasing one.
    Last edited: 13 May 2010