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Gigabyte GA_965P_DQ6 and Lia Lan V1000v2 compatable?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by underclocker, 2 Aug 2006.

  1. underclocker


    Joined: 20 Jan 2004

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    Location: Bristol

    Is the Gigabyte DQ6 compatible with the Lian-Li PC V1000 PLUS?
    I know that some motherboards that use heat pipes are not due to the orientation of the motherboard.

    Also this board has dual Pci-e slots does it support Sli cards

    Cheers Mike
  2. killer_uk

    OcUK Staff

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    I seem to remember those boards getting extremely hot due to the way that case is designed and how the heatpipes work. I can't remember if it affected stability or not,, maybe someone else here can help you with that.

    Even though there are two pci-e slots this motherboard doesn't support SLi or crossfire.