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Good Budget Holiday?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by homerio, 28 May 2006.

  1. homerio


    Joined: 3 Apr 2003

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    Location: Uni - UCL | Home - Woking

    I'm looking to take my girlfriend away for a week mid June for a beach holiday. Looking to spend around £250 each on flights + accomodation. Not really looking for a place with a vibrant night life, just somewhere where there is a nice beach to relax on during the day and a decent enough room to retire to in the evenings.

    I've been looking at Tunisia as it seems fairly cheap with sun, but its pretty confusing reading all the hotel reviews with people having very different opinions on the same hotels.

    Oh, and there has to be a tv that will show the England world cup games :p
  2. William


    Joined: 26 Jul 2003

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    Location: Derby

    Goa or Southern France?
  3. Rich_L


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Santa Barbara, Californee

    Sardinia is nice :)

    Montpellier in south of France is v. nice too :)
  4. st00dent


    Joined: 25 Jul 2005

    Posts: 426

    Try www.airtours.co.uk
    Just booked 2 weeks away for just under £500 in total.
    They go to some interesting places too (Tunisia, Morocco, Goa etc)
    Well worth a look if you can go on short notice.