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Goodwood FoS

Discussion in 'Motors' started by ^^Gord^^, 10 Jul 2006.

  1. ^^Gord^^

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    Like a lot of people on here I paid a visit to Goodwood this weekend. Some pretty strange weather on Sunday. Sheet rain in the morning and fantastic sun in the afternoon (including a nice sunburn!).

    Seems to be more crowded this year to me even with the ever expanding rally sections.

    The F1 boys put on a good show (expect no DC this year) as did the bikes. The supercars made an effort with the exception of the Veyron although the Earl of March did try to wheelspin it until he worked out it was 4wd! Good to see the guy in the Maybach trying to light the tires up as well.

    The Red Arrows were good as usual but the 747 fly past included only one pass for some reason and the Tornado GR4 didn't show :confused:





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