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Group B?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Housey, 14 Jun 2013.

  1. jon.bda


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    What a lovely pair!!!
  2. Aeleys


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  3. TehBluebear


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  4. Griffo

    Wise Guy

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    Awsome, and thanks for the bit of history Housey :)
  5. eatcustard


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    When the 6R4 came out it was the fasted accelerating production car.

    2.5 seconds (I think) 0-60 and around 5 seconds to 100
  6. Ryan-3


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    The Delta S4 was my favourite ever, with their 0-60 in 2.0 seconds on gravel, and they tried it with 5 bar of boost (!!!!) making 1000hp!

    No wonder they had to end the lunacy. Damn shame though. :(

  7. Hades


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    A great motorsport era. There was a documentaty on TV recently about it and there was no protection between the cars and the crowds. Some of the spectators were literally trying to reach out and touch the cars as they slid past. Madness!
  8. G-MAN2004


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    So, so awesome.

    I've seen a 6R4 before at a car show and couldn't help but overhear a guy next to me who didn't understand what was so special about it. Said it looked as if a boy racer had taken it through Halfords or something! :o
  9. Janesy B


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    These people need taking into a dark room to be beaten.
  10. Housey

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    I do find it disappointing when so called petrol heads seem to know nothing about the history of cars and motor sport as they really are missing out. Not aimed at anyone here, just a general point. Ignorance is never an endearing feature when surrounded by people with passion I suppose.