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Gupta SQLBase join help :(

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by m0rte, 4 May 2006.

  1. m0rte


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    Its a long shot but does anyone have any SQLbase experience? :/
    Having to use this crap database system in a project i'm working on and i'm having trouble joining more then 2 tables.

    I can join 2 tables using something like:
    select system_time, local_time, unique_id, message_id, event_id, message from event_log, event_details
    where message_id=id and unique_id between 243100 and 243200 
    order by local_time desc
    no problem, but when I try 3 tables I get errors like ERROR [HY000] [Gupta][ODBC Driver][SQLBase]00906 PRS ITN Invalid table name at blah blah.

    I've tried inner & outer joins aliases and everything but cant seem to find the right syntax, on google or anywhere.
    Its version 8.5 so does support inner joins apparently.

    This is what i'm trying to get to work:
    select e.unique_id, e.message_id, e.local_time, e.id_3, d.message, k.long_name 
    from (event_log e inner join event_details d on e.message_id = d.id) inner join keyholder_0 k on e.id_3 = k.id 
    where (e.unique_id between 243008 and 243107) 
    order by e.local_time desc
    Tried a few variations of that, no luck so far.

    Any help greatly appreciated!