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Handbrake - FPS Query

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by jellybeard999, 31 May 2010.

  1. jellybeard999


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    Probably more relevant here than software...

    I have ripped several DVDs (TV series). The source vobs are 29.97 FPS. I encoded this in handbrake (h264, AC3 passthrough, same as source FPS) and the output is a 23.976 FPS video. The videos are 40 mins each.

    I know this is down to 3:2 pulldowns etc, but tbh I'm not sure I understand it :o

    Are the videos likely to be out of sync (they look ever so slightly so) and will I have lost anything quality wise (dropped frames etc? - allowing for the encoding obviously).

    Thanks. Any advise appreciated before I re-rip and force it to encode at 29.97 FPS.
  2. lord filbuster

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    Should be fine, i think that 29.97 fps is not the speed that the footage was actually filmed at, and handbrake attempts to return the footage to its original speed of 23.976 fps, by applying pulldown (or removing pulldown, i can't remember). either way, check that the lengths of the encoded and original videos are the same, if they are then everything should be ok.