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Hands Free Kit advice needed

Discussion in 'Motors' started by chipperhead, 10 Jun 2010.

  1. chipperhead


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    I'm looking at getting a hands free kit for the wife, she's a district nurse and often has people ringing her whilst she's driving, I've never had anything to do with this type of product before so am a bit clueless.

    I've heard of Parrot but how do I integrate it into the existing stereo, the car is a 2003 Renault Megane?

    The current stereo is sometimes temperamental playing cd's so would another option be to buy a new headunit with built in hands free, is there even such a thing?

    I would like to keep the steering wheel stalk controls working and separate display if possible.

    Any advice would be great because like I said I haven't the fogiest when it comes to all this.
  2. Luke


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    Intergrated stereo's and bluetooth tend to be a compromise, i.e. mediocre at both.
    I think if you buy a top end unit that may change, but at the low/mid range of the spectrum it's not good.

    For my car (avensis) I had an ISO cable between the wiring loom and my aftermarket cd player. The parrot kit plugged into the ISO cable, then into the CD. Originally it was:
    Car wiring > Iso adapter > stereo
    Then it was:
    Car wiring > ISO adapter > Parrot lead > stereo.
    Depending on what stereo you buy you can get a cable that will allow you to retain steering wheel controls.

    Have a look at caraudiodirect and you can enter your car details and it will show compatible products.