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Hard Disk Cooling over the Drivebay?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by castlegrayskull, 1 Mar 2006.

  1. castlegrayskull


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    I seem to be having problems with a raid array in my Shuttle.
    Is there a better way of cooling the disks in my system.
    I'm using the two bays right at the top of the shuttle for my 2 disks.

    System Spec:
    Shuttle SB81P
    Intel 3.0MHz (Prescott i think)
    2 GB Dual Channel OCUK Ram
    256Mb GF 7800GT (Leaktek)
    2 x Hitachi Deskstar 76gb disks (striped)
    random extra usb2 pci card

    I origianlly had 2 disks running and very quickly one fell over .. this was the disk on top of the DVDRW.
    I was running DIVXtoDVD fine on using one disk (while waiting for a replacement) but as soon as i get the new disk and rebuild the system across 2 disks i run into problems.
    I left it on decoding some episodes of 24 during the day .. i came back and the whole thing had fallen over .. rebooted and it didn't recognise the array.
    I had to go into the array (once the system was cool) and remind the array there was 2 disks ... only then would it boot back up fine into XP ?

    anyone had similar problems .. or is this an one of ?

  2. ted34

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    What were the temps of the drives? Use dtemp if you havent already