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HARD Drive Unformatted itself????

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by immy, 8 Mar 2006.

  1. immy


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    Anyone have any advice on how to recover data from this situation

    I have 3 HDD's in my system, at the weekend, the D:(spare storage) drive suddenly died or more to the point has unformatted itself. Now in windows explorer when i goto access it, it asks me to format it as its unformatted. The drive is quite new, its a Western Digital. Ive used their utitilities and their software says the drive is in good health. So what could have happened?
    At the time of the incident, i was copying large files from the C drive over to the D drive.

    I cant do chkdsk on the D drive it as windows think the device is in RAW state.
    Any other ideas or is the data lost for good?
  2. Admiral Huddy


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    What OS you using.. Can you view the drive using command prompt?
  3. AFK_Matrix

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    What does it say in the disk management under control panel> administrative tools >computer management?
  4. Rambaud

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    This has happened to me a few times recently. It changed the drive letter also.

    In my case, Explorer was lying.

    I changed the drive letter back to my original choice, booted into another OS (I have multiple OSs) and the Drive was seen correctly. Likewise when I re-booted into the first OS.

    If you do a format, you will lose the contents of the Drive.