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hard locks with sound loop

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kanifee, 15 Mar 2010.

  1. Kanifee


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    recently put together my machine, some new parts some second hand, only really been up and running for about a 2 weeks but during bfbc2 im getting crash freezes with looping audio about an hour in.
    I don't game heavy so Havant noticed an issue in any other game and disabled my Oc when it happend but the issues still rears its ugly head.

    Last time i encountered a problem like this was during the early days of cs:s and that issue was prolific amongst gamers the world over only difference is then it used to lock and then if i remember correctly close to desktop where as this requires a hard reboot.

    Ive been looking around and general consensus is that memory is usually the culprit with these issues so ive been looking for stress tests, i downloaded memtest and burned the image file to dvd and booted but my damn razer keyboard refuses to work in the non os areas of the mobo, it does this with both my Asus boards, i have tryed legacy usb and all other usb settings to no avail so i cant use a bootable utility; i did download prime95 and ran a blend test for the last 4 hours and it passed, thought this would be enough as an hour of bfbc2 causes the crash though im not sure how a blend test would do with the memory.

    So here i am, i know its long winded so sorry but if it helps heres my spec.

    Q9450 Second hand
    Asus P5Q-E, Second hand
    4GB corsair Xms2 ram, purchased new 3 months ago
    ATi HD5850, purchased new release day.

    Any pointers on software or solutions if ya got em please.