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Has the EU brought any benefits to the UK?

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Tommy B, 7 Jan 2007.

  1. robmiller


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    Or with stuff like this:


    The whole site's a bit rubbish really :o
  2. anarchist


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    It does say Margaret Thatcher should be hung for treason though, so not all bad :)
  3. jas72


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    I think having to integrate the woefully underfunded, former Soviet, Eastern part of their country without any EU handouts probably has played an even larger part than the Euro which has held its own against both the £ and $ despite Britian wanting it to fail.
  4. Will_3rd


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    Yes and No

    The UK is still involved only to keep the French from running the shop completely

    Besides UK farmers don't get anything from the CAP, so there isn't any point

    Plus the fishing rights have already been signed away

    Thank **** we didn't sign up for the Euro
  5. anarchist


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  6. Nixeh


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    Does it really matter should be the real question.

    IMO we havent beenfitted from what we get put in, but even if we did where would that money go?

    Nothing can really stop this country going downhill unless a serious rethink is in order for the community and how this country is governed.
  7. i know nothing


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    I agree but I don't understand it... The EU is pretty much run by socialists is it not? People who have a problem with globalisation etc and large companies wiping out smaller competition, loss of traditional industry etc. etc. So why is it that all they seem to do is enact laws, regulations, trade agreements etc that benefit these larger corporations so much? Creating one large economic zone is only going to allow those big enough in the first place to take advantage of it, if you're a small to medium business you're suddenly exposed to all sorts of competition, much of it unfairly subsidised by other EU countries, you don't stand a chance. This is the problem I have with the EU, they have created an even more unfair system in my eyes, how am I supposed to sell my products in an enlarged market when the competition get all manner of subsidies, especially on the agricultural side, like when France takes the lions share of CAP and then does everything in its power to stop free trade (i.e. stops poultry farmers importing cheaper feed from the US for example).
  8. anarchist


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    I thought the EU were quite protectionist towards traditional industry actually, although to be honest, I don't know much about agricultural policy in Europe - just the bits I read to do with protecting French "traditional" produce and companies etc.
  9. poltergeist666


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    The EU's accounts are in such a mess, that the auditors that are supposed to sign the books off, havn't been able to for years, as so much money has been unaccounted for.

    It's a mess bordering on legalised criminality - get us out now!!
  10. mrthingyx

    Man of Honour

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    LOL! Of course - I'm just a middle-class accountant... I can afford to give money away. ;)