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HD Video Quality - Horizontal Lines?

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by MuGeN, 15 Apr 2010.

  1. MuGeN

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    How do :)

    I've just got a Canon HF R16, its the basic model from their new catalogue...

    I've just transferred over my first clips, and they're... maybe not as good as I expected?

    if you move even a bit fast, then you get loads of horizontal lines on the video:


    that is a 1:1 crop of a shot out of the window from the original file (the .mov that is stored in Event folder created by iMovie)

    the lines get even worse once I've ran it through iMovie and exported it using the "HD Movie" option...

    is this just how it is? are HD cameras not all that good yet without spending loads of money? this camera was £450 so not earth shattering but still expected half decent...

    maybe its just a setting? any ideas? I shot this in auto mode...
  2. asim18


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    You need to deinterlace the video in PP. Or just select a progressive capture format.
  3. MuGeN

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    hmmmm ok... so in the settings if I change the Frame Rate from 50i to PF25, would that give me a better picture?

    I assume there would be a downside to this?
  4. alexakasloth


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    I've never seen it shown as PF25 before as it usually says 25p, the downside to progressive would be a bit of motion blur if the camera pans/tilts quickly but I think it will look better than interlaced.
  5. Dangerous


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    You shoot interlaced then deinterlace it when you are exporting if the footage is going online.
  6. MuGeN

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    So (just to confirm) is it better to always shoot in 50i, but convert to 25p if necessary for the media?

    those lines on interlaced look (obviously) cack, but are they only visible when on a computer screen? i.e. will they still be there if I export a .mov file for storing on my PS3 for actual movie watching?

    (just trying to discover why you would put up with the lines, i think the answer may be because when watching on say a nice hdtv the lines aren't there and you get a better picture?)
  7. Pug


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    personaly, i only ever shoot in progressive, but then my camera does 720p 60fps. As long as you dont pan too quickly (which a videographer shouldnt) you shouldnt have ny problems, and i'm pretty sure you can interconvert (add interlace/deinterlace) to hyour hearst content. I'd suggest try both, and see which you prefer - stick to that? Fast moving scenes may prefer 50i