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HDMI to component encrypted?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Toilet-Duck, 30 May 2010.

  1. Toilet-Duck


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    I'm looking into buying a slingbox pro however my V+ Samsung Box provided by Virgin Media only has either an option to output via Scart or HDMI directly.

    Would connecting my V+ Cable Box to the slingbox pro via a HDMI to component cable actually work? I've heard on some forums this isnt possible because of encryption for the signal via HDMI...

    Something like this: http://www.madsdeal.com/en/15m-golde...n&currency=GBP

    Basically Im wanting to connect my HDMI cable from my samsung box to Slingbox via the HD Connect cable, a cable that converts HDMI to component, would this work?

    I dont have a TV using the same box so the standalone cable box would be used just for the slingbox.

    How would one connect the slingbox pro to my cable box?

  2. lucid


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    Location: Cheshire

    There's one major problem in what you are trying to do...

    HDMI is digital, and Component is analogue.

    There's no passive cable that can convert digital to analogue. Whatever you use requires some form of active circuitry. There are a couple of devices that do this conversion. The best known is the HD Fury II which you can get in the UK for around £145 + delivery.

    The Fury also gets around the problem of HDCP signal encryption

    The cheaper high quality alternative is to convert RGB (on the SCART) to Component. To do that correctly you'll still need to spend £115 on a JS Technologies RGB to Component (YUV) convertor.

    The lowest cost solution is also the lowest qualty one. It's a composite connection via a SCART to phono cable. The yellow connection is for video. You're looking at just a few pounds for this type of cable.
  3. asim18


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    The scart to composite cable will do fine. I doubt it will make a difference with even the fastest broadband in the UK.
  4. samtara


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    i was facing this dilemma earlier this year with my sky+hd box as my plasma only had a component input
    i got hdfury2 and haven't looked back since....the price is quite steep but it was totally worth it...just plug and play and has delayed the buying of a new tv for at least 6 months