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HDTV not worth it at the momet

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by dayloon, 22 Jan 2006.

  1. dayloon

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    My 28" Panasonic CRT TV is dying and needs replacing. I don't get new TV's very often so i suppose it would make more sense to get a HDTV ready for SKYHD. But my problem is that every forum i read seems to say "HD LCD's are rubbish for displaying current TV broadcasts, the picture is all grainy etc etc and at the moment it's only worth getting one if you use a xbox 360" . I don't play any games at all. I only use a TV for watching TV. So if i upgrade to a LCD HDTV will i have to put up with a crap picture until sky released HD ?? Budget is around £1000 for the TV.

    Thanks !!
  2. Goatboy

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    If you only use it for watching TV then you've answered the question, a £200 CRT will give you a much better picture than an LCD for regular viewing. Sky will only have a handful of channels in HD for a while yet.
  3. *FLASH*


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    I also believe SKY will try to use it as an excuse to up the users bill by £20
  4. Dancake(uk)


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    I must admit I was disappointed with the Picture through scart on My Sammy LE32. However I have got a Samsung HD-850 DVD player with an HDMI output and that looks really nice and The Xbox 360 looks great through the PC input.

    Regarding normal TV, some channels look better than others (sky one is much better than say quiz TV!) And it is worth spending some time fiddling with your settings.

    If you just watch TV only I would wait to see what Telewest's TVdrive and SKYs HD box look like. With an HDMI digi output, Telewsts TVdrive may offer some picture quality increase even in sdtv and of course there will be new HD tv channels popping along all the time. I keep ringing telewest asking when TV drive will appear but so far the answers are a bit cryptic!