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hdtv worth buying now?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by BigRoger, 27 Mar 2006.

  1. BigRoger


    Joined: 28 Dec 2005

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    Location: Stoke

    is it worth getting a hdtv now cus i heard that current ones only use half the pixel amout that hdtv broadcasts use so they wont be as good as future ones.
  2. Bear


    Joined: 24 Oct 2002

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    Location: Bucks and Edinburgh

    IMO it depends if you need a new TV now. I recently bought one because my old telly packed in. With DVDs the picture quality is great but with NTL digital, the picture on some channels can be appauling due to excessive compression, they looked ok on the old CRT but on the LCD it looks awful due to the upscaling.

    I could be wrong but isnt the UK thinking of broadcasting 720p and not 1080p anyway ??