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headset for CSS...which one?

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by nO}{8, 29 Jan 2006.

  1. nO}{8

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    as tiltle really, but what head sets do people use here? Im looking for one for lan and general use with good sound quality. Suggestions? Any budget >£100
  2. ~Divine~Wind~


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    I was using the logitech chat headset that came with guildwars no probs.

    Have recently bought a pair of speedlink medusas and am very happy with them.

    Theyre a lot comfier than the logitech ones, sound also seems a lot nicer, according to people on vent and ts the mic is also a lot better too.

    However as it doesnt say on the specs on OcUK I'll add,

    There is no longer a cd/dvd switch
    And the headphones amp requires a wall socket too.

    And you may need a forklift truck to carry the box coz its absolutely huge !


    Also see this thread:
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  3. DanMc07


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    Altec AHS602 5.1 Gaming Headset - Retail (SP-016-AL)

    Just orderd one of thse, hopfully getting it tomorow or tuesday!
    Been hearing great reviews about this product. And the fact that it has 5.1 makes me want it now! seen as Im stuck with crummy TFT speakers :p (5.1 surround sound subwoofer blew :mad:)
    It just requires 1 AAA battery for the 5.1 and your away!

    Its on This week only at OcUK this week

    Check it out