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Help Pleaes

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by LACKERKNACKER, 19 May 2006.



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    Hi everyone - Bit of a problem - I had a works laptop which i have just had upgraded.

    Due to the sensitive nature of work the operating system is pretty much restricted. Can't load any software, access internet etc. Got round this with my old laptop by getting a new HD and installing a fresh copy of xp - However the new laptop have got the bios locked down so i can't change the boot order to allow me to rebuild the software - I tried to boot up using the disk straight from the older laptop but i just got a bsod.

    So - I can't get hold of the Password for the Bios to change the boot order so what can i do?

    I use of another laptop which i can boot up from the CD would it be possible to build the software up on that machine and then swap the disk to my newer works laptop or would i just get bsod again.

    The other thing i have thought about is taking my HD round to the local PC shop and getting them to reformat it and copy my xp pro disc onto the hard drive - Would that work??

    Any other thoughts or ideas would be greatly received
    By the way the laptop is a Dell D610.
  2. Poolybit

    Wise Guy

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    Your best bet if your hardware savvy is too take apart the laptop and take out the CMOS battery. Leave it out for a few minutes then whack it back in. That will wipe the BIOS password as long as its not default (which I'm pretty sure it ain't).

    Then that will be your issues sorted.
  3. The_KiD


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    What he said basically, is best to remove the battery or some mobo's have a jumper you switch to another position which resets the BIOS.


    Joined: 24 Oct 2002

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    Thanks for that - at this stage i'd rather not wipe the Bios - Not sure that would work with a laptop though?? - The machine does'nt actually belong to the firm i work for - we outsorce our IT - if it was togo wrong some of the Field support agents are a bit of a jobs worths - I asked one who i get on with quiet well for the pass word for the BIOS but it was like asking for the Crown Jewls!!

    My only hope is that next time we have a technician on site i get hold of his latest field support folder - this contains the codes for the machines that they supply - unfortunatley the folder i have got hold of does'nt have the d610 laptop

    Never mind -

    Once again thank you
  5. daven1986


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    you could use http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/04/25/1917228 and make a partition for the new windows :D however you'd have to remove it before you gave the machine back. This would only work if the boot order was cd-rom first, which it may be. If it isn't then you can boot with a floppy which has cd-rom drivers on it, then use a linux distro to partition your drive then install windows on it? Im sure floppy will be default 1st boot if cd-rom isn't. If you don't have a floppy then....

  6. chimaera


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    Is it really worth it :confused: if your work is that important then bypassing the security on your work laptop will be a sackable offence.
  7. Emo_hug


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    I'm not sure what your saying really?

    Is the laptop yours or your companies? - if you own the laptop then you hould have some kind of contract.

    how sensative is the data?

    The actuall software and data on the laptop who does it belong to?

    what do you want to do with the laptop? "Rebuild the laptop with the same hardware but with out the security restrictions? or be able to change the hard disks out with another with your own OS and software."
  8. Matt-Page


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    Removing the battery will not whipe the CMOS, it jsut resets everything to default.

    Pre-loading XP on another machine/laptop will not work very well unless it has exactly the same hardware, different motherboard, busses, RAM type/size, etc etc.

    If your desperate to do it, just pop the battery out for 10 mins, put it back in and you can get into the BIOS. I would also copver your tracks by setting your own BIOS password. they will think they typed it wrong or something, and then reset iut for themselves if/when they get it back.


    Joined: 24 Oct 2002

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    Laptop is the firms which has just been upgraded

    I had my own HD which i used to swap over at home - This allowed me to sit in front of TV and Surf the net - Bascially spent £60 on a hard drive and got myown laptop!!

    And thats all i want to do again - However differnce this time i can;t change the boot order in the bios.

    In answer to the other questions - Data on laptop is that sensitive - Apart from an odd working copy most my data is held on one of the servers at work.

    And ll i want to do is rebuild the software on my own HD with my own, purchased, copy of winXP and use the laptop as if it was my own.

    Looks like i'll have to down load service guide for laptop and remove cmos for 10 mins

    Cheers everyone
  10. daven1986


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    now if we had vista it would be easy.......
    it checks hardware changes at bootup so you can just swap HDDs and vista will configure itself for the new hardware, anyway i digress.