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Help producing a clip from a dvd

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Banzai_Joe, 9 Apr 2010.

  1. Banzai_Joe


    Joined: 30 Sep 2006

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    Location: Midlands, UK

    Hi all,
    got a dvd (vob files) that i want to take a 10 seconds clip from. Am currently trying to do it in Adobe Premier Pro CS4, but haven't a scooby doo what i'm doing.

    Can anyone help me please? Whether someone can give me quick tut on Premier Pro (looked online but still scratching my head) or suggest an alternative app to do what i want.
    Running win7 x64 ultimate.

    Thanks for any help offered.
  2. RuMp3l4$k1n


    Joined: 1 Sep 2006

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    You could give Mpeg stream clip a go, its a great bit of free software that can open VOB's and many other formats. http://www.squared5.com/

    Once you get your vob open in there you can export it to a file format you can use in prem pro. Or you can just set clip in and out points in mpeg stream clip and skip prem altogether.
  3. Cyclone


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    Location: Essex

    video redo is very very good. You should be able to get a serial for a months trial.
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  4. Pooh


    Joined: 22 Oct 2006

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    As stated above PPro won't take a VOB file. Convert it to summit PPro can understand it will be plain sailing.

    Just import the new file into PPro, drag it into the source window, set your in and out points ( press I and O ). Once done press . ( full stop ) and PPro will drop it to the time line.

    Ctrl + M brings up the export dialogue and just select the format you want and away you go.