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Help with transfering steam registration

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by lordrobs, 4 Mar 2006.

  1. lordrobs


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    Hi all, hope someone can help.

    I recently sold an old copy of Counter Strike: CZ that I could never get to run on my PC.

    Well stupidly I forgot about the fact that it had been registered to STEAM so when the buyer tried to register it, it said that the CD-Key had already been registered.

    I'm pretty sure I remember my username and password so is there any way I can unlock the CD-Key so it can be re-registered or transfer the registration to the games new owner?

    If not I think that i'll just refund the guy as it is likely to become a bit of a hassle.

  2. DaveyD

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    One of you has to pay for the key to be removed from a Steam account so it can be put on another, $10 I believe, and you can just buy the game for a little more on Steam, so it's kind of pointless really.

    If you give him all the correct account details, then he can go off and edit them so you wouldn't be able to use the account any more, but depends if there are any games you have on the account that you don't want to lose.