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Highways Agency?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by kefkef, 18 Jan 2006.

  1. kefkef


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    Morning all, long time no see (couldn't get Overclockers at work for the past 6 months for some reason!).

    Recently around the Leeds/Manchester M62 are (and also M1) i have been seeing more and more Highways Agency vehicles roaming the motorways. Anyone got any idea what they are about? I've seen them speeding off to accidents, helping borken down cars, even seen two of them doing a rolling road black with red lights flashing on the back of the jeeps.

    Do they have the authority to do tasks like rolling road blocks, speeding up the hard shoulder undertaking cars etc? it was my belief only the ploice could initiate those.
  2. Oblivious


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    Yes, Traffic officers have a range of powers.

    Its an offence to ignore their instructions.


    In a nutshell they support the police, to allow them to get on with major incident management (Traffic officers still play a part even in those), and law/speeding offences.
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