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Hive Lights and an automatic extractor fan on the same switch

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by skyripper, 13 Dec 2019.

  1. skyripper

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    In our bathrooms and the kitchen, we have extactor fans which are constantly powered but triggered on high speed when the lights come on.

    The lights are the usual switched Live, with permanent Neutral.
    The fans have their own isolated Live and Neutral, with a feed from the light Switched Live which turns on the actual fan. The fans also do throughout the day trickle extraction so simply powering them off isnt going to work.

    I've just got some Hive lights, but they default to 100% brightness when switched on at the wall.
    The normal way to use Hive is with the switch always on and control the lights from app or Alexa.
    And the lights come on / off at the last brightness they were set to.
    I can't do that in the kitchen and bathrooms because the fan then stays at super-dooper speed all day.

    • Can I use a wifi activated relay between the switched Live and the fan ? If so which one, and how do I trigger that from Alexa / Hive?
    • Can I tell Hive to remember the last brightness ? [nothing obvious in the app I can see]
    • How about a Hive [or other Wifi/Zigbee/whatever] motion detector to activate the Fan instead of the lightswitch? that way the lights could be left permanently powered and controlled independent?

    I don't want to ditch the Hive bulbs as I have about 20 of the damn things following a black friday "ooh thats a bargain" moment unless I really have to.

  2. Gentwee


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    I use hue lights in my bathroom and I've just put the extractor fan on its own switch. I can control it independently that way so the lights do as they are told.