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Horror Movies

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Loki, 13 Jan 2006.

  1. Loki

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    Dont ya just love em

    I been watching now for 20 odd years and I must admit they are my favourite genre. That said are they loosing their ability to scare us ? A few months back my sister-in-law went to The Exorcism of Emily Rose. When she came out she said it was the best Horror she had seen in ages. Really scare her. I enjoyed it more for the courtroom drama rather than the actual main plot. Now maybe im a bit sensitised after seeing stuff like the Exorcist from early on. That said has this genre lost its ability to scare us. I dont see many films that compare to the classics like

    * The Exorcist
    * The Omen
    * Hallowe'en
    * Evil Dead


  2. UKDTweak


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    I absolutly love horror films, but todays films seam to be much less able to give me a scare, like you i think im well de-sensitised to the genre, nowadays i watch for the Gore and effects
  3. Matblack


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    I have to agree with that.

    Horror movies have lost the psycologiocal shocks and now depend on the gore factor. When you look back there was a period where both were employed but now the black art of making you jump or turn away using suspense rather than gore has been overshadowed by the relative inexpence of effects.

    I find that movies which have a smaller budget or are made not made in the USA are less prone to this, even some US remakes of Asian cinema maintain this aspect.

  4. Loki

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    Doesnt help when you get blatantly carp movies that rip off the storylines off two or three other movies and try and make it an original Best Thriller in Years Nonsense

    Im thinking Canin Fever et al
  5. Sutters

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    I actually though Cabin Fever was quite good, as a black comedy, obviously not a proper horror film, I laughed alot at some of the bits, like for example when that guy with the weed comes along to join their campfire.

    Some films I thought were scary at the time are :

    The first 2 alien films
    Invasion of the body snatchers (Donald Sutherland version)
    The Omen
    The Exorcist
    The Thing
    Blair Witch Project
    The Ring
    Prince of Darkness

    Most of these are fairly old which means I was still fairly young when they came out, which imho helps alot.
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  6. soundwave

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    For true horror now you have to look beyond the hollywood garbage (well except maybe the forthcoming Hostel from Eli Roth) & look overseas to the Asian market where they have by far some of THE scariest movies I have evr had the pleasure of wacthing...

    Ring Trilogy
    The Eye
    Dark Water
    A Tale of Two Sisters
    The Grudge series (4 Movies in Asia)

    To name a few
    All are far superior to anything that the US/UK have turned out in the last 10 years IMO

    Give them a try & I'm sure you wont be disaapointed :D

  7. Tru


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    Rosemarys Baby is an excellent movie. I'd never heard of it until I caught it on TV just before Christmas. Highly recommended to anyone who likes a good, paranoid, suspensful horror.
  8. alexakasloth


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    Just looked at that on IMDB Tru, looks like a superb film :) (add's to wish list...)

    I think that's it's not down to the time period, but down to the person who is watching, and also the companies behind it, we all know hollywood are not going to take chances, though you do get some, for example japanese companies producing movies like the Ginuea (sp?) series.
    When I watch Nightmare on Elm Street now I still get drawn into the movie, but with Haloween and Friday the 13th they seem very tame and pretty bland. I still got scared when watching The Amityville remake, and I loved the Dawn of the Dead remake. And don't get me started on Bambi! How could her mother ******* die! That's just cruel!
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