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House move getting ADSL and BT - Where should I start???

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Jamauk, 16 Jan 2006.

  1. Jamauk

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    As title really, I'm moving house in a couple of weeks time and where I am moving to I will have to give up my NTL broadband and switch to ADSL. We currently have an NTL phone line which we will cancel and go back to BT.

    What I want to know is how do I go about all this, what order does it all have to be done in, do I contact BT and tell them I want to setup a new account with them, I imagine that they will then contact me to tell me my new phone number for the new address, once I have this can I then sign up to an ADSL provider? Obviously the NTL connection will be scheduled to be removed before the move.
  2. aaazza


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    Ring BT 0800 800 150 ask them to connect you (the phone line - you can tell them to do it ASAP or give them a date) and they will tell you the telephone number for the property. Use this number and check (online) with ADSL ISPs to see what ADSL speeds you can get.

    Then you can order the adsl but delay the activation date to when you need it or when your line is getting activated.

    Pretty easy really. BT can sort your phoneline out pretty quickly iirc and then just order the adsl.




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    ask for a simultaneous broadband provision where the line and adsl gets done at the same time
  4. Jamauk

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    Thanks for the quick replies, it's certainly made things a fair bit clearer, I was expecting to have to have about a week away from the internet whilst the ADSL was activated.
  5. tolien


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    This is bang on the nose.

    Ordering separately means you've got to wait for the line to be activated, and the Guesstimator update for the line. Ergo, some delay in between.