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how do I make an omelette?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zaphan58, 5 Feb 2006.

  1. Zaphan58

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    I thought I just whisked a couple of eggs and threw in some milk then fried it and added the topping to one half, folded it over and that was it.

    It just crossed my mind that I may be wrong so I just checked on the net and the recipes I have found seem far more advanced than that!

    Hows it done? Yes I am useless in the kitchen! :D
  2. benjo plz.


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    Milk in an omlette? Cheese tbh.
  3. hyper_piper45


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  4. StarShock

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    milk in scrabled eggs, not so good in omelettes as is can make them break up
  5. Zaphan58

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  6. Von Luck

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  7. Garp


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    Meh... dead simple:

    Break 2 or 3 eggs into a jug, number depending on how much omlette you want at the end. Whisk them LIGHTLY with a fork. Object of the exercise is just to break the yolks and mix it up. Don't keep on whisking them or it doesn't come out as well. This is a common mistake lots of people make. (Thank you Deliah for showing me the light about this)

    Warm pan till appropriate temperature (Teflon's red spot is handy!), then drizzle a little oil in, and swirl it around. This is more to stop the omlette sticking to the pan than for taste reasons.

    Pour in the mix and let it cook. Could choose to sprinkle some grated cheese on the surface if you wish (Parmezan is nice IMO). When the underside is cooked and it is cooked through, fold it in two and transfer it to plate. Voila, one omlette.

    I quite like to put some Chinese Seasoning (mixed herbs of some description) in with the eggs before I whisk them. Adds a certain something to the flavour.