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how much difference does dual channel make?

Discussion in 'Memory' started by freebooter, 3 Feb 2006.

  1. freebooter

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    Currently have one 512 stick of generic ram in my shuttle and thinking of upgrading to 1Gb. The chipset is an nforce2 so it will run in dual channel mode. Trying to decide whether to just buy another 512 generic and run in one channel or to buy a dual kit and sell my generic.

    Main use is general office work and image editing. Hardly play games at all now although Oblivion may tempt me.

    Is it worth going dual channel - how much difference wil I see over 1Gb in single channel mode?

  2. vanandjuanunited


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    Chances are if you get the same brand it will most likely run dual anyway. I have mixed and matched makes before without problems. Dual channel will give a slight boost but not as much as doubling the memory. 15% has been mentioned but I have never felt the need to run benchies.
    Can you borrow some to try from a friend?
  3. pastymuncher

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    It's not that much of a difference. It's around 5-10% depending on what you are doing.