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How silent can you get on water without melting stuff?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Fluff_eei, 28 May 2006.

  1. Fluff_eei


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    Hi guys,

    I've let my finances accumulate without my knowledge, and so am looking to start me a project I've always fancied: water cooling. This is not so much for performance reasons as for silence, definitely bragging rights, and just the fun of setting it all up. I'm doing plenty of research into cases (need a new one) and individual components, however wanted opinions on noise specifically. I'd love to run my rig on the Reserator 1+, but it is said it wont cope with the heat outputted by my x1900xt and my 3000+ oc'd by 600mhz. Is that true? How silent can I physically get without running into stability issues, connecting my CPU and GPU to the water cooling system? Am I going to need more than one active fan, or can I get away with a large radiator with no fans? The radiator seems to be the bit that makes noise, what's the best set up? Are pumps noisey? Or is it just not a solution for noise?

    Sorry everythings a bit jumbled, thanks in advance,

  2. Jokester


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    You can quite easily get to the point with quiet 120mm fans that either your hard drives or PSU will be the noisest items in your PC.

  3. dillingerdan


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    I'm not sure on the specifics of the Zalman but you will be able to or can buy a 140mm fan that sits ontop of the tower and cools it, which would likely add some extra needed cooling to it, but its not really a performance kit.

    I'd get a Thermochill rad and some Nexus Fans (I am going to use these on mine) which are apparently excellent for noise being practically inaudible. If there is turbulence noise from the air moving though the rad you can add a shroud which should stop that and also add to cooling perfromance in a small way.

    Pumps can be noisy but they aren't a major issue, especially the D5 pump apparently, just do some research first, as older models can make a racket.
  4. MikeTimbers


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    The best way to get a silent kit is to use some ear-plugs! Once you start trying to get silence, you will be at it for ever. There's always something making noise unless you turn it off.
  5. DoubleCheese

    Wise Guy

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    Or put on some headphones...