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How to get my xbox online?

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by TripleT, 7 Feb 2006.

  1. TripleT


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    Location: Manchester City Centre

    Evening all,

    Would anyone be able to tell me exactly what I'd need in order to get my xbox online?

    I've got Blueyonder broadband at the moment which plugs straight into the back of my network card. My xbox is in the other room, a long cable would be ok I suppose but wireless would be a treat :p Is this alot more expensive?

    Links to the gear on ocuk would be a massive bonus :p

    Cheers ;)
  2. Boogle


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    Ideally you want a DSL Router, it'll have a port specifically set aside for your modem. Then you just connect any devices you want to give Internet access into the router.

    For Wireless, the best way imo is to get a DSL Wireless Router, and then a Wireless Access Point (sometimes another Wireless router is cheaper, this is good enough too). You put the WAP (Wireless Access Point) right next to the Xbox, and get a small & cheap cable to link the two. The WAP will basically act as a wireless network adapter. The reason I prefer the WAP method is that the WAP can be used all over the place, but the wireless adapter for the 360 is rather expensive and connects via USB.

    So in summary for wireless you want:
    1x DSL Wireless Router
    1x Wireless Access Point / or Wireless Router

    The CAT 5 cables usually come with the router / access points, so you shouldn't need any more cables unless you have some more PCs you want to hook up ;)