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How to install new Bios for core i7 980x please advise

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by blacksimth, 13 May 2010.

  1. blacksimth


    Joined: 6 Apr 2010

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    I’m in the progress of build my first gaming rig I have Evga 4way sli and core i7 980x after I read in the forums I need to download the new Bios so if anyone could advise please do and can advise if the fallowing steps is right.

    Not that all the item still new

    I plan on doing it like that first I install the windows 7 and after that I go to evga downloads drivers and choice the bios drive and install it please advise if I’m not doing the right way


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    Your motherbroad manual will tell you how to update your Mobo Bios, don't do it through window's, just read up on it.

    Its no big deal, just take your time.
  3. Akempster


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    download to memory stick, go to BIOS select update BIOS option (see mobo manual) and follow promtps.